Post-Doctoral Fellows

We are pleased to announce that we have hired three Post-Doctoral Fellows in Love and Human Agency. They are:

Benjamin Bagley (Ph.D. North Carolina, 2013). Ben specializes in ethics, philosophy of action, and moral psychology. His work models forms of agency in which agents act according to norms whose contents are in the process of being determined, and explores the implications of these forms of agency for phenomena like love, blame, and free will. He will be at Vassar College next year. You can find his website here.

Franklin-HallAndrew Franklin-Hall (Ph.D. Columbia, 2011).  Andrew specializes in ethics and social/political philosophy.  He is especially interested in the moral significance of childhood, old age, and familial relationships.  He has recently published essays on the autonomy of adolescents and on Locke’s theory of parental authority in The Philosophical Quarterly and The Canadian Journal of Philosophy. He will be spending the upcoming year at the University of California at Riverside, where he plans to research the extent to which love is an attitude guided by reasons and the importance of attachment in loving relationships.  You can find out more about Andrew’s projects at his website.

Errol Lord (Ph.D. Princeton, 2013). Errol specializes in ethical theory, epistemology and the philosophy of action. He is particularly interested in normative reasons, rationality, obligation, and reasoning. He plans to investigate the role that loving and caring play in an account of deliberation and the normative role of loving and caring, especially as it relates to obligation. Errol will be spending the year at Franklin & Marshall College. You can find more about him at his website.