Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Love and Human Agency

The Philosophy Departments at Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, PA), the University of California at Riverside (Riverside, CA), and Vassar College (Poughkeepsie, NY) invite applications for three one-year Post-Doctoral Fellowships, to begin July 1, 2013.  AOS: Moral psychology, ethics, philosophy of mind, or philosophy of action. The successful candidate will participate in an interdisciplinary project on Love and Human Agency, funded by the John Templeton Foundation, and is expected: to carry out substantial research on our theme of understanding love, caring, and their roles in rationality, morality, and/or agency; to participate in an interdisciplinary summer retreat in July, 2013; to teach two courses (1/1); and to lead an interdisciplinary faculty reading group. Salary: $56,250, plus research and travel support. Ph.D. after January 1, 2008 or successful dissertation defense by July 1, 2013 required, and candidates cannot have served as a postdoc for more than four years elsewhere.

The three institutions will conduct separate searches, so we encourage interested applicants to apply more than once. Also, application procedures for each institution differ slightly, so please consult each institution (or Jobs for Philosophers, PhilJobs, etc.) for details. For each search, applications received by December 1st, 2012 will be guaranteed full consideration, though we will continue to review applications until the position is filled.